By popular demand: Agium EPM’s Pacman in Excel game.
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As a tool for our recruitment proces one of our Lead Consultants ( Chris Loran) developed a Pacman Excel game.  Since our post on Linkedin we got a lot of questions about the game and if we were able to share the file.  Ofcourse we can!


The purpose of the game

When recruiting Junior Consultants we want to get a clear view on coding skills and creativity.  As a part of our recruitment process candidates will be asked to modify, add or change elements within the game. Ranging from changing ghost colors to adding intelligence.

The basic code elements

As some people have already spotted, the PacMan is an Excel pie chart, with the percentage data changing in a macro loop. The only challenging part was getting the ghosts to have intelligence to navigate around to capture you; while using a 'dynamic' maze that you can edit using standard Excel shading.  

Download the file

Feel free to download the game and start experimenting with the code. We are very curious what you or other people can add to the game so please share any cool stuff that you add. And if you publish the game in a new form give Chris Loran some credit (or a mention) for the basics!

Pacman <-- download here.

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