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Consultant for EPM-system implementation

The issue many companies face is having mountains of data to clean, maintain, format and manage. This means that the amount of hours a valuable analysis takes conflicts with regular financial reporting and controlling, costing your company a lot of money in the long run.

Due to these large amounts of costs and data, many companies turn to software to manage their performance management efforts. All with their own different KPI’s and requirements. This makes understanding the different types of software and output a task of its own. And still having to manually make financial reports from multiple software applications takes a lot of valuable time.

Time your analyst could have used for providing you with insightful financial analyses!

Providing you with reliable and consistent data

An EPM-system such as OneStream is enterprise software that provides a platform for the purpose of performance management. By placing repetitive and calculative processes into a fixed system, an EPM removes the likelihood of human error and ensures consistent and reliable results. This can affect all systems, processes, activities and reporting your firm has in place that rely upon using data to plan the future decisions of your business.

How your business can profit from an EPM-system

Our experienced consultants and implementation teams help you to:

  • Translate business requirements to IT
  • Standardize financial processes across large organizations
  • Give financial analysts more time to provide insightful analysis
  • Make use of best practices for managing processes and automation
  • Automate data cleansing processes and calculations
  • Move complex data management and transformation processes into a software solution

Team of finance professionals with technical know-how

What makes Agium stand out from the rest of implementation partners and consultants, is that the team that implements the EPM environment consists of people who breathe finance. Many consultants will have the technical and functional skills you'll need. However, having a team of financials, with CPAs, finance managers and business analysts will really be the key to successfully choosing the right EPM and implementing it.


What the team does:

As part of our methodology, we identify which roles are required and how much of their time is required to perform specific tasks. We also help identify what additional resources are needed from the client team to deliver any project successfully. Roles and tasks we can fulfill:

  • Project management
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Technical installation and configuration
  • Administration
  • Training
  • Support

Working together with client teams

Agium’s OneStream consultants work closely with client teams to ensure all viable business requirements are addressed within the EPM tool. Whether implementing for the first time, upgrading to a new release, adding functionalities or modifying an existing EPM application. Our consultants perform an evaluation of your needs, your existing applications and tools and then deliver a set of services to ensure successful implementation.

As OneStream implementation partner, we make sure the platform is configured to develop a system that suits your specific organization. All to determine the most effective allocation and subsequent flow of cash throughout your business.

"Helping your company’s finance through reorganizations, acquisitions, mergers and spinoffs."

Want to know how an EPM can bring your business to the next level?

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EPM-systems we work with

  • OneStream
  • Oracle Hyperion
  • Oracle Cloud EPM

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