OneStream Training – Application Build for Administrators

Join this training and learn how to build a OneStream application from scratch

This ​4-day, ​live ​hands ​on ​course ​involves ​building ​out ​a ​simple ​application ​starting ​from ​scratch. ​The ​goal ​of ​the ​course ​is ​to ​create ​a ​foundation ​of ​knowledge ​about ​most ​of ​the ​OneStream ​XF ​features.

​This ​is ​achieved ​using ​simple ​examples ​that ​cover ​a ​few ​iterations ​of ​the ​build ​process. First, ​a ​very ​simple ​application ​is ​created, ​data ​is ​loaded, ​and ​then ​consolidated. ​A ​second ​round ​includes ​discussions ​on ​design ​practices, ​additional ​data ​input ​methods, ​intercompany ​elimination, ​and ​the ​most ​common ​formulas. ​Once ​built, ​a ​new ​Entity ​is ​added ​and ​all ​application ​changes ​are ​made ​including ​data ​integration, ​Workflow ​assignments, ​and ​security ​discussions. ​Cube ​Views, ​charts ​and ​Dashboards ​are ​added ​and ​Excel ​analysis ​is ​explored. ​Finally, ​administrative ​functions ​are ​covered.

The trainer is Agium EPM's Jason Call.

Following the advice of the Dutch government to accomodate working from home as much as possible that has been effective since March 13, this training will be held remotely only.


  • The first day of training begins at 10am with every other day beginning at 9am
  • Training days end at 5pm with the last day ending at 4pm
  • Casual dress attire
  • 50% discount on this course

Monday June 22nd - Thursday June 25th 2020

This training will be held remote only

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