Webinar: How Arch Capital Tackled Lease Accounting Requirements

How Arch Capital Streamlined the Financial Close Process and Tackled Lease Accounting Requirements

As a public limited liability company Arch Capital needed to comply with the new lease accounting guidelines - ASC 842. They produce the ASC 842 reports centrally for all their entities worldwide- a manual process that was prone to errors and time consuming.

Having already streamlined their financial consolidation and close process using OneStream they decided to extend their use of the platform. By leveraging one platform, they were able to reduce the number of systems and eliminate much manual work, saving a significant amount of time and greatly reducing errors.

During this webinar you will learn how:

  • Arch streamlined their close and reporting process
  • The system handled complex FX calculations
  • Arch moved to automated Lease Accounting reporting under ASC 842
  • The Lease Solution saved countless hours and reduced errors, including automatically generating ASC 842 disclosures

Meet the Experts

Eric Capuano – Director of Consolidations and Reporting, Arch Capital

Craig Colby – President, OneStream Software

Peter van Ooik – Senior Consultant, Agium EPM

Tuesday February 25th, 17.00 CET (11.00 EST)

Wherever you want! Join the webinar online.

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