Agium EPM’s OneStream Lease Accounting solution

OneStream, your Lease Accounting software

Simplify your lease accounting process

The new IFRS and ASC lease accounting standards add a new layer of complexity to your financial data and reporting requirements. The process can be cumbersome and requires valuable time of your finance professionals.

Free up this time by implementing a solution that automates the whole process, resulting in timely and efficient reporting processes enabling finance to spend more time on analysis to be the true business partner of your organization. Agium EPM has a track record of supporting the Office of Finance worldwide with our unique Lease Accounting Solution.

Key functionalities

  • One central register for all lease contracts
  • Automated journal generation supporting both IFRS 16 and ASC 842 calculations
  • Easily calculate the lease liability and related impacts of your lease portfolio
  • Instant overview of all leases
  • Out of the box reports and disclosures to report under the new standards

Start now

  • Work with the creators of the solution
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Finance expertise enables us to configure to your business requirement
  • The project can be fully executed remotely

Discover the Eurofiber Customer Case

Learn how Eurofiber extends their investment in OneStream’s unified CPM platform and align lease accounting with financial consolidation and reporting.

Our customers






An Agium EPM original

The Lease Accounting solution was built by Agium EPM because we foresaw difficulties with the new IFRS 16 accounting standard. Shortly thereafter our solution was adopted by a major global OneStream client with subsequent other clients who also dealt with IFRS 16 calculation difficulties. Our solution was able to help these customers deal with a multitude of different leases and calculation variables. Since our first project the solution had continued to mature and now is able to address requirements for companies across all branches and industries.

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Why OneStream?

After years of working with other EPM systems, OneStream Software really blew the Agium EPM consultants away. The unified platform approach and the analysis possibilities were profound compared to the rest of the solutions in the market. The platform has continued to mature and add innovation since Day 1.

Nowadays OneStream is acknowledged by research institute Nucleus as a market leader, scoring as one of the best on usability and functionality. Also OneStream received a 4.9 out of 5 star rating in Gartner Peer Insights, find out why.

Discover the endless possibilities OneStream has to offer

What should it all cost?

For OneStream users this is a no brainer. There is no extra hardware and you profit from relational data blending functionality to post lease adjustment journals. The cost of implementing is much lower than the cost of re-inventing the wheel yourself.

Are you using another EPM solution or spreadsheet for your consolidation and close process? Then consider the data quality you will be able to guarantee to your stakeholders. You will be able to supply rapidly generated insights which management can base their business decisions on.


Look at your results from another perspective

With one click you look at your results from the perspective of another Lease Accounting rule, choose from: ASC 842 and IFRS 16. Moreover, with drag and drop and pivot-table functionality you can analyze results thoroughly.

Guided workflow means reliable data

Not only are users guided through the process when loading data, the software also immediately detects when figures don’t add up.

Help your auditor out!

The OneStream Lease Accounting solution services your auditor directly. As the figures are coming from one single source, workflow validations enable you to reconcile what you report and drill down to reconciliations directly from financial reports. The audit trail is logged by defined users. Your auditor will thank you.