Agium EPM Releases 3rd Annual review. Our OneStream partnership with a focus on growth and happy customers.
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Since we first met with the OneStream team in 2013 we immediately knew we would accomplish great things together. OneStream is a company that shares our thoughts on happy employees, the EPM-business and customer focus. We share the same values and vision. 

This year, we have worked more close together than ever before which acknowledged what we already knew 4 years ago; We are going to change the EPM marketplace. By teaming up we knew we were able to help ambitious companies take corporate finance to a much higher level and drastically simplify their EPM landscape.

After being the first company who implemented OneStream in both the Netherlands and Belgium, we started our mission to become the best and most experienced specialized OneStream partner within the EMEA region. We believe that being a specialist rather than a generalist, is the only way you can deliver that magical extra step which transforms a customer into an endorsing ambassador. 

For us having the ambition to become the number one OneStream partner is all about being able to help customers take EPM to the next level and being a frontrunner when it comes to developing solutions on the OneStream platform like our IFRS16 reporting solution. 2017 has been a great step towards this goal.

Some of this year’s exciting achievements included:

  • > 20 projects
  • Active in 5 countries
  • 50% increase in FTE
  • > 100% international growth (year-over-year)
  • Opening 2 new offices
  • Developed 5 OneStream solutions
  • Customer success program roll out

Delivering our full stack of services

In 2017, Agium EPM delivered its full stack of services for consolidation, planning, data integration, reporting and specialty solutions. OneStream’s 100% customer success guarantee combined with our continuous focus on client satisfaction, resulted in an exponential growth of our customer base. We have worked closely together in configuring the powerful OneStream platform to serve the office-of-finance with their ever growing list of solutions. A few examples of the exciting developments this year, were the introduction of our customer success program and the development of our Strategic Finance, CAPEX and IFRS16 solutions. 

We are very proud of what our OneStream community has accomplished in 2017.  From our colleagues, our customers to our friends of OneStream in the United States: a big thank you for the past year!

Across finance organizations and even outside that area, we see a shift towards next generation EPM. And while this year review gives us a brief moment to appreciate what we have accomplished so far, we are already looking ahead.

Delivering you the best OneStream XF experience, international growth and further improvement of our customer success program will continue to be a key theme for Agium EPM in 2018 and beyond.

For now, on behalf of the entire Agium EPM team, we wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Pascal walk

Managing partner – Agium EPM

Pascal Walk

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