Privacy Statement

Privacy statement Agium EPM

When you (voluntarily) contact us, you don’t want your personal details to be used by third parties. No worries, we don’t want that either. We only use the personal details we receive from you as stated in our privacy policy.

Agium EPM highly values this information to keep you informed but also to keep our organization up to date. Agium EPM therefore stores your personal data on a secured server in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. We will never provide your details to a third party without your permission.

Our pledge to your privacy

Our integrity is fundamental to our business, without the full trust of our current and future customers our business could never exist. Privacy and data security is paramount for the services and products we supply which scales to our marketing practices.

Personal information

We collect your personal information if: you leave your details via one of the contact forms on our website, you leave your personal details at our head office or if you are signed up to use our services.

Your ambitions might attract our attention on other platforms too, such as social media. If it turns out you might be interested in our services, we may contact you to see if we can be of service. If you don’t have any interest in our services, we would note in our system that you prefer not to be contacted by us.

Which personal details do we store?

We only save details necessary to allow relevant processes to be as efficient as possible. Some details are obliged while optional details you can fill in per your own preference. The more details you provide, the better we can align our services to your needs.

If you fill in a contact form, we save:

  • Your name
  • Your Email address

If you sign register with Agium EPM we save:

  • NAW data
  • Email address and phone number
  • Date of birth and gender
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV), LinkedIn address and your motivation
  • Details about your study, internships, training and working experience
  • If relevant; references and certificates
  • Passport photograph

If you could become, are or were an employee of Agium EPM we save:

  • Nationality, social security number, copy of your ID and working permit
  • Other details regarding HR, salary and absenteeism

If you want to work, work or worked as a freelancer for Agium EPM we save the previous mentioned details which are relevant and necessary. We also save your company details.

If you are a contact for Agium EPM at one of our projects or suppliers, we save:

  • NAW-data of your company
  • Email address and phone number
  • Job description
  • Agreements on this topic are recorded in a processing agreement between Agium EPM and your employer.

Why do we collect your personal details?

We collect and process your personal details to conduct our services. The details are used for HR purposes such as: secondment, freelancing, recruitment, advisory, personal development, payroll administration and personnel management. This means the reason for saving your details in our database can differ per service.

Need more detail? These personal details are specifically processed to:

  • Give you an update on our developments, upcoming subject-specific events and knowledge sharing sessions. These updates will be presented via our newsletter, only if you have already voluntarily subscribed of course.
  • Check your availability and ambitions for intermediary
  • Handle your wishes, tips and/or complaints to improve our services. We value this highly because we aim to continuously improve our business. We might contact you to gather extra information and/or inform you about the process.
  • Work on your ambitions such as training, education or tests.
  • Start an employee or personal/intermediary relation with you, maintain it and do the necessary administration for this.
  • Secure a new project with an existing or new client (with proper coordination and consent with the client), to maintain it and to live up to it.
  • Secure management targets and to take care of internal controls and corporate security.
  • Honor labor, tax and social laws and to counteract fraud if you are working with us.

With whom can we share your personal details?

Within the company, Agium EPM can share your personal details with stakeholders and if necessary also to clients, subcontractors, suppliers and other business relations.

Sharing your information only happens if it is necessary, for example for legal purposes or as described within “Why do we collect your personal details?” section above.

What is the retention period of your personal information?

The retention period we use depends on the specific purposes and the law.

Candidates (if you haven’t worked for Agium EPM (yet))
Your details as mentioned at “Which personal details do we save?” will be saved one year in our database. This is from the latest moment of contact with one of our Agium EPM employees. After one year, you will receive a message that you are still registered in the system.

If you prefer your personal information to be removed by Agium EPM, you can simply send an email with your wish to be removed to After this you will no longer be contacted by Agium EPM.

(Old) employees of Agium EPM
Your personal details are saved for two years after your employment contract is terminated. Legally established retention periods, for example for tax purposes, are available for a longer period for Agium EPM.

If you prefer your personal information to be removed by Agium EPM, you can indicate this by sending an email to After this your personal information will be removed by Agium EPM.

Business relations
By business relations we mean clients, suppliers, sellers and other instances with whom we maintain a business relation.

Agium EPM saves the personal contact details of these business relations. We do this to keep our relations up to date about our services and other activities, maintain this business relation and to make & maintain agreements.

The contact details can be shared within in our organization to maintain our services to you.

Your rights

Agium EPM highly values our relationship and our future together and prefers to live up to your expectations. Despite our wish to stay in contact with you and keep you up to date on our services we understand that perhaps you want to change certain information, review it or have it removed.

Candidates and/or employees
If you have an account within Agium EPM, you already can see a big part of the registered personal details. If you want to have details changed or removed then you can reach out to your contact.

Other relations
You have the right to see, change or have your personal details removed. To do this you can contact us via


Agium EPM will do anything to ensure our integrity. The security of your personal details is guaranteed by administrative, technical and organizational measures in the databases. For example, only our designated administrators have access to your information.


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If you have any questions, remarks or complaints regarding the protection of your personal details by Agium EPM, you can contact us via