Improve analysis and eliminate manual processes.

Close & Consolidation

Automate your close process and save time

Automated data loading, reconciliation and reporting makes you close faster.

Improve your confidence in financial results with 100% transparency into data, metadata and process changes.

Increase insight into the real FX impact of currency on every balance sheet account, track detail movements and changes for complete cash flow reporting.

Achieve one comprehensive integrated business management reporting by also applying this to your: management reporting and -planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Spend time analyzing reports, not building them

Stay on top of your performance gaining insights with various types of reports, e.g. P&L statements, Balance Sheet statements or Cash Flow statements. The detailed Management Reporting functionality enables you to easily drill down figures to Products, Regions or even the Transactional level. Spend your time on in-depth analysis instead of building reports.


  • Improve analysis
  • speed up and standardise close processes
  • Control and improve data management
  • Automate reports
  • Eliminate repetitive manual tasks

Improving your consolidation starts here!


Agium EPM builds accuracy and confidence in your financial reporting process with these specific solutions

  • Cash flow Automation
  • Intercompany Matching, Reconciliation, and Elimination
  • Foreign Currency Translation Impact Analysis
  • Automated Equity Pickup
  • Streamlined Financial Close
  • Guided Workflows
  • Consolidated Project Planning
  • Enhanced Financial Consolidation
  • Statutory, Regulatory and Government Reporting
  • Tax Reporting
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Historical Data Reconciliation Accelerators
  • External Reporting
  • Lease Accounting
  • Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture Modeling
  • External Segment, Business Unit, and Legal Entity Reporting
  • Controlled Supplemental Data Collection and Reporting
  1. Your guide to choosing the perfect next generation Cloud EPM tool
    A new implementation or an upgrade of an existing on-premise EPM platform to a cloud-based solution is important both from a strategic and efficiency standpoint and should be approached accordingly. (pdf file)

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