Transform your planning process in to a tool for strategy development

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Whatever your company's demands, you can improve your planning processes with a proper implementation of EPM planning software. With EPM planning software you can realise a bottom-up planning process. It concerns the budgeting process, but also rolling forecasts, long and midterm plans and scenario analyses.

Simplify: Use familiarity of Microsoft Excel and Guided Workflow for simplified planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Improve Agility: Leverage one unified financial planning software system that supports financial and operational planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting for maximum agility.

Accelerate Planning Cycles: Spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing results and supporting decisions across the enterprise.

You will be enabled to perform driver based planning, to calculate different what-if scenarios or let end users build their own reporting without boundaries introducing their own conditions and assumptions.


  • Create planning models based on organisational and market drivers.
  • Insight in future impact of changing different variables.
  • Integrate different planning modules in one big planning application.
  • Work flow based solutions.
  • Increase the time spent on planning processes through faster data collection.
  • Combining sales planning, workforce planning and strategic planning in one solution.

Improving planning starts here.


Agium- EPM builds accuracy and confidence in your financial planning, budgeting and forecasting process with the following solutions

  • People Planning
  • Capex Planning
  • Cash Planning
  • Thing Planning (yes, anything)
  • What if and Driver Based Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Revenue and expense Planning
  • Clear visibility to the impact of business changes
  • Guided and controlled processes
  • Reduce Budget Cycles
  • Combine operational and financial planning processes
  • 100% Data and process transparency

When working with Agium EPM, you can benefit from the many years 25+ years of experience that our consultants bring to the table.