Make informed decisions on where to allocate resources to maximize profit

Profitability & Management Reporting

Take back control of your financials both for statutory and management purposes.

Understanding the difference between these two requirements is key for top management because both are necessary for different reasons: statutory compliance is an external reporting necessity while management reporting delivers information to ensure business continuity. Companies often get either sidetracked by the consequence of non-compliance or bogged down by inadequate reporting processes while a strong focus should not be lost on management reporting, steering the organisation.

EPM systems should enable easy understanding of the profitability impact to the business by allowing for simple analysis capabilities. Analysis will allow tasks as simple as drilling down to source details to more complex output such as bridge reporting analysis, growth rate trending using constant FX rates, blended reporting and allocation calculations.


  • Process automation
  • Decision validation
  • Enable analysis instead of data collection
  • Eliminate manual tasks
  • Improve efficiency
  • Maximize profitability
  • Cost reduction

Take profitability management to a whole new level.

Speed delivery: Reduce the time and cost to deliver timely and accurate information and new analysis as your business changes.

Simplify Maintenance: End users can mix and match a pre-built library of commonly used row and column templates for infinite reporting combinations.

Increase Adoption: Seamless integration with Microsoft Office accelerates adoption and provides a rich reporting experience.


Agium- EPM builds the following solution:

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